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Presentation of the methodology and approach for the Butrint Integrated Management Plan

The AADF in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture organized today the event for the drafting of the Integrated Management Plan for the Butrint National Park. The event was attended by the Chairman of the AADF Board Mr. Michael D. Granoff, the Minister of Culture Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, AADF’s Board Members and Co-Directors, and other national stake holders. The company contracted by the AADF, Prince and Pearce from Great Britain, has a long experience in drafting world heritage management plans. The project is undertaken shortly after the adoption of the new Law on Cultural Heritage and Museums in May 2018 and is the first of its kind to be implemented by new heritage institutions. The drafting of the Integrated Butrint Management Plan, funded by the AADF with a total budget $ 250,000 will be run by the AADF in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment, and other stakeholders in Butrint.