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READ Project signs new collaborative agreements with the universities in Albania

AADF in collaboration with IIE, organized the READ Expansion Fellowship Program with the distinguished presence of the Chairman of BoT AADF, Mr. Michael D. Granoff, AADF Co-CEOs, Mr. Martin Mata and Mr. Aleksandër Sarapuli, Minister of Education and Sports, Ms. Evis Kushi, members from Advisory Councils of READ Program, and representatives from Higher Education Institutions all over the country.

During the expansion event, it was presented the first call data from the applications from all Academic Researchers in Albania and Academic Researchers living in Diaspora.


During the ceremony, the AADF Co-CEOs signed a collaborative agreement with 7 Universities in Albania:

Agricultural University of Tirana

Sports’ University of Tirana

“Aleksandër Xhuvani’ University, Elbasan

“Fan S. Noli” University, Korça

“Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durrës

“Luigj Gurakuqi” University, Shkodër

“Eqrem Çabej” University, Gjirokastër

We aim to bring up to 100 researchers of Albanian Diaspora Scholars to work with higher education institutions in Albania on collaborative research projects, Ph.D. supervision, curriculum development, and co-teaching.