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The presentation of the architectural project of the Albanian Jewish Museum

The project for the Albanian Jewish Museum was presented by the Israeli Kimmel Eshkolot Architects studio at the National Opera Theater.

Honorable guests of the event were Mr. Michael D. Granoff, Chairman of the Board of AADF, Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama, Minister of Culture Mrs. Elva Margariti, Her Excellence Mrs. Yuri Kim, US Ambassador to Albania, Mr. Noah Gal Gendler, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Albania, Mr. Christian Steiner, Ambassador of Austria to Albania, representatives from the Embassy of Great Britain and Germany and other guests.

The project for the new museum “embraces” the character of the historic center, although it preserves the past, it interprets in a contemporary way the unique history of coexistence between Albanians and the Jewish community.

“AADF believes that this project is a valuable contribution we are making to future generations,” said Michael D. Granoff, Chairman of the AADF Board.