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Meetings with Universities for expansion of CleanScore Project

In the framework of its expansion, CleanScore project continues to positively influence higher education in Albania. While showing a sustainable increase, the project has managed to grade over 50,000 exam answer sheets. CleanScore operates in 5 dedicated offices in 4 different universities: University of Tirana, University of Durres Aleksander Moisiu, European University of Tirana, and Agricultural University of Tirana. The involvement of other faculties of the University of Tirana (Faculty of History and Philology, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Faculty of Social Sciences) has begun as a consequence of the positive impact of CleanScore together with the increase of requests from the professors. The project management team and office coordinators have conducted presentations and meetings with all partner universities in order to inform the staff and promote CleanScore. The meetings were held at various faculties of partner universities with the participation of academic and administrative staff. Meetings and presentations at universities have assured once more the importance of CleanScore in higher education in Albania. The comments in the meetings have been very positive, promising a successful continuity by increasing the usage of CleanScore and assuring new collaborations. The professors have expressed their interest in the implementation of CleanScore as well as the initiative for the translation of academic textbooks, always emphasizing the need for such an initiative in higher education in Albania.