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Technical meeting for TID Gjirokastra

On 6 April 2017, the World Bank in cooperation with the UNESCO regional office, held a technical meeting in the Albanian Development Fund offices. The meeting aimed the discussion of the three proposed initiatives to be financed by the Gjirokastra Project: Infrastructure at “Qafa e Pazarit”, Bypass and underground parking.

Present at the meeting were Mr. Aleksander Sarapuli and Mr. Martin Mata AADF Co-CEOs, as well as senior representatives from the Municipality of Gjirokastra, Institute of Cultural Monuments, ADF, World Bank, UNESCO, the Ministry of Urban Development, design studio and staff involved in these projects.

Representatives of all parties presented their commitments in this project focusing on the reasons for funding, technical aspects, the impact on the social and environmental safeguard policies, etc.

At the end of the meeting, the World Bank representatives expressed their concerns on bypass and underground parking, and they requested more guarantee from the Albanian government until they found an acceptable solution to all. Also, they asked all parties to approve TORs for the trace of bypass till end of June and within a year to prepare the full project implementation.