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The Multicultural Festival of Berat

Minister of Culture, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, Co-CEO of the Albanian – American Development Foundation (AADF), Mr. Martin Mata and Deputy Mayor of Berat, Mrs. Teuta Mucogllava announced today the beginning of the Multicultural Festival of Berat.  The festival will help promote the unique cultural heritage values of Albania.

The AADF has been co-financing this Festival for the third year in a row as one of the most important and professional events for the City of Berat.  The Foundation works closely with the BID Berat Association, which provides logistical and infrastructural support for this Festival as well as provides businesses with the calendar of events.

This event will take place in the BID Berat area during July 21 – 23, and will include various exhibitions, musical concerts, book fairs, agro business and handicraft activities, and many other activities.

The AADF has invested more than 2.1 million USD in the BID Berat area. Apart from financing for the reconstruction and improvement of the Main Boulevard and Square of the city, the AADF will continue to support the Municipality of Berat by building a playground for children and also helping to construct some touristic balconies which will provide views of the canyons of this area.