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AADF Board of Trustees visits the National Digitization Unit

There is much more than meets the eye of a historic building. It is precisely that unique imprint of time in its layers that must be discovered, preserved, and shared with the world.

“Working with heritage is about making your own part of history, your legacy for future generations” emphasized the Chairman of the board of AADF, Mr. Michael D. Granoff, during today’s visit to the Ministry of Culture.

Visiting for the first time the state-of-art imaging studios of the National Digitization Unit, the AADF Board of Trustees, accompanied by Minister Margariti, followed the digitization process of 3D objects carried out by the Archaeological Museum in Durrës and the museum specialists of the National Gallery of Arts, led by Cultural Heritage Imaging – American trainers.

The EXPA project is now developing its second phase dedicated to the training of museum specialists with the aim of sending contemporary knowledge and modern technology to all national museums of the country.