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Electronic Ticketing Systems in Cultural Heritage Sites

The AADF aims to promote transparency and ensure direct financial support for Albanian cultural heritage sites through the contribution of electronic ticketing systems. The six most visited sites in Albania were chosen as recipients: Skanderbeg Museum and Kruja Castle, National History Museum, Berat Castle, Apollonian Archeological Park, Castle of Shkoder, and the Castle of Gjirokastra. Formalizing the ticket collection process for these sites will increase efficiency and will lead to the implementation of modern financial reporting. Site managers will directly benefit from the data collection capabilities that these systems provide because it will simplify planning and improve resource allocation.

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  • 05.31.2017

    Completion of the first phase of electronic ticketing

    Completion of the first phase of electronic ticketing
    During May 2017, the first phase of electronic ticketing system was implemented at the Berat Castle; National Iconography Museum “Onufri”, Berat; National Museum “Skanderbeg” and Ethnographic Museum, Kruja; Gjirokastra Castle and Archaeological Park of Apolonia. At this stage, the project set up the appropriate infrastructure for the extension of network and operating mechanisms, whilst the installation of the electronic ticketing system will continue until October 2017. The electronic ticketing project is funded by the AADF and is developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and its subordinate institutions.