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Business Improvement Districts

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a public-private partnership in which a publicly supported, privately managed organization is created to improve the physical environment and enhance public services and investments in a geographically distinct urban, commercial neighborhood. The primary purpose of the district is to create improved economic opportunities, security, and a business climate among BID members. Successful BIDs go beyond addressing just infrastructure repairs and maintenance, they also create a community, increase security, lead to increased business activity and increase property values. Effective BIDs can revitalize city centers and can make them more attractive to tourists. The AADF has assisted the business community and the respective municipalities in the creation of the BID associations and has provided grants and advisory services to businesses in the BID zone.

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  • 01.09.2019

    Presentation of BID Model, as success story of AADF, at Scan TV

  • 09.27.2016

    Forum BID & TID – Changemakers

    Forum BID & TID – Changemakers

    On Tuesday September 27th, AADF organized the BID & TID Changemakers Forum. The objective of this forum was to promote AADF’s intervention by enhancing public services and investments in geographically distinct urban and commercial neighborhoods.

    The AADF Board Chairman Mr. Michael Granoff, started with opening remarks by emphasizing the importance of sustainable model creation through strong partnerships with the Local and Center Government. The panelists where Mr. Niko Peleshi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, as one of the strongest supporters of this initiative, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Eglantina Gjermeni, the Minister of Urban Development, Mrs. Voltana Ademi, the Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs. Mimosa Kame, the BID Korca Association Chairwoman, and the Means Director Mr. Peter Williams.

    AADF supports the local businesses by creating business associations that serve as a financial grant institution and offer free business consultancy services.

    The Foundation is also part of the European BID Network.

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  • 01.27.2016

    BID/TID Network Workshop

    BID/TID Network Workshop

    During the visit of The Means in Tirana, the AADF organized a workshop for BID/TID Albania Network, in the premises of the Protik Center. The workshop was attended by the Co-CEOs of AADF, Mr. Sarapuli and Mr. Mata, The Means consultants – Peter Williams and Giles Sampler, Legal Counsel from Kalo & Associates, Lorena Kocobelli from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, and the BID Associations and respective Municipalities.

    The BID Berat, BID Korca, TID Kruja and BID Shkodra Associations gave presentations on the 2015 activities and the 2016 projections. An open discussion regarding the drafting phase of BID legislation was led by “The Means” and “Kalo& Associates”. The Means presented the BIDs with the UK best management practices for all stakeholders.

    During this visit, The Means also had meetings with government institutions in order to collect feedback and suggestions for the BID Legislation.

    The BID Legislation draft is expected to be finalized by the AADF consultants, “The Means” and “Kalo & Associates”. This draft is being worked by relevant ministries to complete the final version which will be presented to Parliament for ratification.