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National Examinations Center

“Learning takes place in students’ heads where it is invisible to others. This means that learning must be assessed” – Eberly Center, Carnegie Mellon University

The National Examination Center (NEC) is the sole authorized institution in Albania to conduct assessment for all National High-Stake Exams and Regulated Professions Licensure Examinations. NEC has a high impact in the Education sector as it directly affects assessment of all pre-university cycle and Regulated Professions.

AADF’s vision for NEC is to introduce international standards in assessment that will guarantee and improve transparency, integrity, time processing and costs. Acting as a data warehouse NEC will be able to provide business intelligence insight in policymaking and agendas for the education sector in Albania.

Through this project AADF aims to further improve the Center’s capacities by analyzing operational models that protect integrity, reduce political influence and will contribute to upgrade the centers technology. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education a revised legal framework for NEC will be proposed to ensure that it operates as a proficient and autonomous institution. A management plan based on the new operational modem will be prepared as part of this project.

Total AADF’s investment for the implementation of the National Examinations Center project in the years 2018 – 2019 is $410,000.