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Albanian Jewish Museum

The National Council of Museums and the National Council of Cultural Heritage approved the preliminary project idea for the establishment of the Albanian Jewish Museum in Vlora. A project developed by AADF in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Vlora and the Albania Jewish community, which aims to build a contemporary institution of the 21st century that will tell a unique story of coexistence, trust and hope.

With the consultancy of Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett AADF developed a proposal that aims to be the only one of its kind in Albania and the region, that sets a new standard for museums in Albania in terms of mission, concept, architecture, management, direction, exhibition creation, storytelling, education, public programs, partnerships and community engagement.

The Albanian Jewish Museum will be a museum deeply connected to the place, to those who have lived and those who continue to live there. A museum for all, a welcoming place, accessible not only physically but also intellectually, a place to visit for tourists, a source of pride for locals, a meeting point with their history for Albanian Jews.

This very important first decision paves the way for the designing and development of the next phases of the museum project, that will serve as a cultural magnet, economic promoter for the area and cultural destination for tourists and the Jewish community.