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Joana Cuka

AADF is committed to hire, retain and promote talent throughout the organization’s structure. At AADF, employees have the ability and opportunity to build projects and apply creative problem solving leadership skills that become long, lasting models.

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Joana Çuka

Financial Analyst

Joana Çuka has more than 6 years of experience in financial services. She began her career in the banking sector. Prior to joining the AADF she worked as a senior accountant providing accounting and auditing services to companies operating in different industries such as construction, retail, production, consultancy and more. She received a B.A. Degree in Finance and Accounting and a MSc. Degree in Finance from the University of Tirana. Joana holds the License of Chartered Accountant in Albania. She has been part of different trainings on National and International Accounting Standards, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Taxes, Sales, AML and more.  Joana joined the AADF team in September 2019.