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LEAD Albania graduates Class of 2017 and welcomes the Class of 2018

On October 10th 2017, LEAD Albania, the fellowship program funded by the AADF, organized the graduation ceremony of the current Class and welcoming of new Class that was hosted at the Prime Ministry, Map Room. Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Senida Mesi, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Michael Granoff and members of the Board welcomed the class of 2017. Selected fellows who will serve a one-year fellowship as advisers to the highest levels of Albanian government are Sidrit Tako and Ardit Çami at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Jonida Burba and Nita Shala at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Esmeralda Byberi at the Municipality of Tirana, Bledar Qalliu at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Doriana Matraku at the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, Elena Pici at Prime Minister’s Office and Elkjana Gjipali at Ministry of Culture. LEAD Albania is modeled after the White House Fellows Program and aims to become a unique and prestigious contributor to the development of future leadership in Albania.