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Meeting of the Forum for Coordination and Planning of the project in the area of Drilon- Tushemisht

On October 28, was organized the meeting of the Forum for Coordination and Planning at the Central Level related to the Drafting of the Detailed Plan for the Area of National Importance Drilon–Tushemisht. “The Forum for coordination of planning” is a tool to encourage strategic discussions of the representatives from different local and central government authorities and experts in order to attain coordination of planning issues for the project area. The architects from PROP made a presentation of the project updates and draft urban regulations, and invited all participants in a constructive discussion. At the end of the meeting, the key issues yet to be addressed were shared with all participants for further addressing in their respective institutions. Members of this Forum for coordination of planning are Albanian American Development Foundation, National Agency for Territorial Planning, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, National Agency of Protected Areas, Institute of Cultural Monuments, Pogradec Municipality and Albanian Development Fund.