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New international textbooks published by AADF through its CleanScore project

AADF presented 3 newly translated academic textbooks that are ready to be used in lecture halls throughout universities in Albania. These are state of the art academic books that have been originally published in English and other languages by prestigious publishers such as Pearson and McGraw-Hill. The attendees were the Chairman of Board Michael Granoff, Deputy Minister of Education, Sport and Youth Redi Shtino, AADF Board and Co-CEOs Martin Mata and Aleksander Sarapuli, and partners of the Foundation. Part of this event were also the professors and students who used the “Entrepreneurship” book translated by AADF in the last academic year. Both parties expressed their appreciation of the book and greeted the possibility to use the newly published books of “Financial Accounting”, “International Business” and “Personal Finance” in their study courses.