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New opportunities in Vlora Historic Center – TID Vlora

After more than two years of challenging work, we made it!

Our dedicated and integrated team of managers, engineers, architects, technicians, supporters and contractors have delivered a very challenging project. Vlora Historic Center (also known as TID Vlora) is now one of the most charming new touristic destinations in Albania. Historic buildings and plazas from 19th and 20th centuries are now renovated and painted in many colorful shades, revealing an elegant historic center. Finally, Vlora has now a business hub and a neoclassic tourist site.

What makes this place even more welcoming is the modern and the human oriented management model at its core. AADF constantly provides financial and service support grants to the new and existing entrepreneurs in Vlora Historic Center for their business upgrade endeavors and continuous development.

If you already spotted your new colorful business place, and you are seeking for funding opportunities, contact now TID Vlora Association at: