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Nomination of “Xhubleta” and “K’cimi i Tropojës” at UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

AADF in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture has successfully completed the preparation of the nomination files of two Intangible Culture Heritage elements “Xhubleta” skills, craftsmanship and forms of usage, and “K’cimi i Tropojës”. The files were submitted to UNESCO by the Ministry of Culture on March 30th 2021, respectively Xhubleta to be inscribed in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding and K’cimi i Tropojës to be inscribed in the Representative List of Cultural Heritage.

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding between AADF and the Ministry of Culture, the drafting process of the nomination files was managed by the AADF through the engagement of Intangible Culture Heritage international experts, Albanian consultants and local communities.

The preparation of nomination files was funded by AADF aiming to promote cultural values through preservation of intangible heritage elements and provide local community with a sense of identity on an international scale.

The collaboration between the AADF and the Ministry of Culture will continue on compiling two other ICH nomination files for UNESCO evaluation in 2022, that of ‘Transhumance’ and ‘Eposi i Kreshnikëve i kënduar me Lahutë’.