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Online ticketing platform for 10 cultural heritage sites

As part of the E-ticketing project, the Albanian-American Development Foundation-AADF in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture launched on September 16, 2019 the online ticketing platform (Online Shop). Implemented for the first time in the country, the online store will operate for 10 most visited cultural heritage sites in the country that have electronic ticketing systems. Through the Online Shop, local and foreign travel agencies, different individuals and visitors can buy the ticket online by avoiding queues at the gate.

Through the official website consumers can book and pay for admission tickets to 10 major museums and attractions using their smartphone and then delivers a digital admission ticket to the scanner device. This innovation aims to further improve the service at cultural heritage sites in the country by reducing queues at the ticket offices and increasing financial transparency of the state institutions.

Online tickets can be purchased for the following sites:

1.National Museum of Photography “Marubi”, Shkodra
2.The castle of Shkodra
3.National Museum Gjergj Kastrioti “Skanderbeg”, Kruja
4.Ethnographic Museum, Kruja5
5.National Historical Museum, Tirana
6.The castle of Berat
7.National Iconographic Museum “Onufri”, Berat
8.National Archaeological Park, Apollonia
9.The castle of Gjirokastra
10.Butrint National Park