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Presentation of the Project idea for the valorization of the main archaeological monuments in the city of Durrës

Durrës is the new image of the revival of historical values and revitalization of the city’s rich cultural heritage affected dramatically by the earthquake of November 2019.
The Albanian-American Development Foundation together with the Ministry of Culture are collaborating to prepare the project design for the valorization of the main archaeological sites in the city.

During the visit of the AADF Board of Trustees to the Ministry of Culture, the renowned European architect, Stefano Boeri presented the project idea on the revitalization of the Roman Amphitheatre of Durres along with the Byzantine Forum and the Roman Baths.

The project will contribute to the restoration and reuse of the city’s cultural heritage and to the re-connection of the physical and visual links between historical and cultural assets. This will turn the urban heritage of the city into an inexhaustible tourist attraction in Albania and the region which will further boost the local economic development.