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Roundtable Discussion with professors on International Business textbook

In the framework of the translation of international academic textbooks, the management team of CleanScore project conducted on November 8th the event “Roundtable Discussion on International Business textbook”. The event was attended by lecturers of International Business course from different universities in Albania such as: University of Tirana, University of Durres Alexander Moisiu, University College Luarasi and Tirana Business University. During the meeting they discussed extensively on the translated text, as well as the need to translate international texts in various fields. Participants were introduced to the innovations that this textbook brings to the academic world, the impact of this book on students, its usage as the main textbook in all Albanian-speaking universities in Albania and in the region. During the meeting they also discussed the possibility of organizing various activities with students and lecturers in the framework of International Business book. The lecturers expressed their positive impressions on the book, by agreeing to use it as the basic textbook for the subject at their respective Universities. This textbook was considered by lecturers as valuable for usage at both the Bachelor and Master level.