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Safety, commitment and entertainment in the New Bazaar of Tirana, TID Tirana

Tirana’s New Bazaar, since March 2017, when it regained the former splendor, has become one of the most frequented and loved places of the capital. Elegant architecture, welcoming atmosphere, colorful and full of taste markets are just a few of the features that distinguish the Bazaar. Not forgetting the high standards of hygiene, safeness, lighting and service.

This spring, for many of the other iconic areas of the city, has nothing in common with the same season of previous years. As per the New Bazaar, apart the missing foreign tourists, a few has changed. Despite the extraordinary times we are facing, our Center preserves and provides the same energy, equal beauty and just a little more tranquility. All this did not come by accident, but it is accomplished thanks to the hard work of the local business association TID Tirana.

Since its establishment in the early 2017, TID Tirana in close collaboration with the New Bazaar entrepreneurs, manages the area following the BID/TID model, also known as a model where the businesses co-govern their area of activity. Thanks to the vision and support of the AADF and the Municipality of Tirana, the association has assured a nearly normal activity of the Bazaar. Maybe these few facts such as: three disinfections of the area in less than a month, frequent washing of the surface and a strict observance of distances in the stalls of the Green Market. Would be enough to give an idea of ​​the standards that can be found these days in the Bazaar. Moreover, a special attention has been committed for the elderly. Tirana Municipality staff in cooperation with that of TID Tirana and some of the businesses, have distributed food packages to their homes.

The children also could have not been neglected. The same ones who cheer up the Bazaar with their laughs and games. “Qëndra e Librit për Fëmijë” and Qëndra Performacë” have entertained the little kids with online readings in social networks and a variety of games and competitions accompanied by prizes and gifts.

A different afternoon with a modern music was organized for the pleasure of the residents. Some of the best DJs in town performed for almost 90 minutes on the improvised stage at the Creative Square.

And among this feast of activities, the heart of the New Bazaar, its traders, have continued to offer their products and services following the new safe and security regulations. Every day in the stalls of the Green Market you can find fragrant fruits and vegetables, or fresh meat, fish and dairy products at the Meat Market and even dried fruits, pickles and an infinity of other choices at the cozy little shops. While the special dishes of the restaurants can still be enjoyed at home by the delivery services.

In near future, when what we call “COVID-19″ will be just another faded memory, we all will be welcomed at the New Bazaar TID Tirana.

But remember: not as visitors, as guests!