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Dritan Kuko

AADF is committed to hire, retain and promote talent throughout the organization’s structure. At AADF, employees have the ability and opportunity to build projects and apply creative problem solving leadership skills that become long, lasting models.

22.Dritan Kuko

Dritan Kuko

Property Manager

Dritan Kuko has 27 years of combined experience in NGO and private sector mainly on management experience, construction and real estate support, marketing, market research, data processing, promotion, sales presentation, public relation and maintenance experience. His former work experience includes working as employed for different NGO in Albania such as GTZ, IFDC, private construction sector, general manager for a private organization, as one of the first editors of the “MONITOR” economic magazine. He began working for the AAEF in 1998. Dritan holds a B.A. in Marketing, Economic Faculty, and University of Tirana. He joined the AADF in Jan 2017.