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Ridvan Troshani

AADF is committed to hire, retain and promote talent throughout the organization’s structure. At AADF, employees have the ability and opportunity to build projects and apply creative problem solving leadership skills that become long, lasting models.

10.Ridvan Troshani

Ridvan Troshani
Project Manager / BID

Ridvan Troshani owns wide professional experiences both in the private and public sector for 32 years. His experiences on local development began at Local Development Agency “TEULEDA” create from UNOPS program in 2001, in the position of the expert for local development to continue with the position of the director. In 2007, he began working at the Municipality of Shkodra as the deputy mayor, for 6 years he was responsible for the Department of Development and Projects, Department of Culture, Youth, Sport and Social Issues and for the Department of Revenue. He holds a Degree of University of Agriculture of Tirana, and Degree of Business Administration from the University of Shkodra and a Master’s Degree in Local Human Development, Peace Culture and International Collaboration from the University of Florence, in Italy. He joined the AADF in May 2013..